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Feedback from Massage Therapy Clients

Some reviews / feedback from my massage clients:
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Gwen H.: As an avid long distance runner, my body is constantly being stressed. Tarja takes the time to listen to me about how my body is feeling and she has the ability to target specific problems that I am having. I look forward to my massage every week and know that it enhances my training program. May 2015


Kassi Alessi: Comments: The best massage I have ever had! Very relaxing and therapeutic! I will not go to anyone else ever again! Extremely professional, worth every penny!!!! Thank you! :) .Mon, Aug 18, 2014


I was happy to note the therapist always starts with questions regarding my health and if I have any new problems. Does an excellent job attending my needs. She is very knowledgeable and very professional. I would recommend Tarja - massage is of an exceptional quality. Thanks -I.S. 3/16/12

Tarja is very friendly. She touched every area that needed work. She is very soothing and I feel brand new! Great technique. This was the best service I've ever had. Will recommend in the future.3/9/12

Everything was explained wonderfully. The massage was tailored exactly to my needs. Every effort was taken to ensure my comfort, and I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the massage. I would certainly recommend Tarja to my family or friends. The experience was absolutely wonderful. 2/17/12

Tarja is wonderful - very accommodating. She worked on areas I asked about. She helped me to roll over with discretion - Thank you. Tarja's technique is outstanding, REALLY like her technique. I would absolutely recommend her to a friend or a family member - trying to get husband to come. 2/10/12

 Tarja ia an excellent Massage Therapist and make me feel important - that meant a lot to me. 2/3/12

 Tarja's appearance ans style of communication are very pleasant. She really attends to clients needs. She concentrated on my neck and I feel Great! I would recommend Tarja to my family and friends. Her techniques are great and I always feel refreshed after my massage. 2/3/12

 Tarja did a very good job. This was the best massage ever! My whole family would love to have her massage us! 1/27/12

 Tarja was very professional. I would recommend her to family and friends - She definitely knew what she was doing. Felt Great! 1/27/12

Therapist was very gpood at attending to my needs and asking how I was feeling. I like deep pressure and she was very good to not go too deep as to cause pain. Yes I would recommend Tarja to a family member or a friend. She was very good. I only wish I'd showe'd up on time to have my legs done! 1/6/12

Very professional and friendly therapist. She gave me a great pregnancy massage! She also did a great job attending to my needs having great pressure and rhythm. Yes, I would very much  like to recommend her to my family and friends. She was Great! Besides great pregnancy massage I bet she gives a great regular massage too!1/3/12

 Tarja's appearance and communication was very professional and friendly. I have recommended her to a lots of people. Always enjoyable massage. Great techniques! 1/3/12

 Tarja was very professional in every way, worked on my tender areas. She was very thorough and I would recommend her to my family and friends. 12/28/11

 I would absolutely recommend Tarja to anyone! She is very professional, has great technique, massage is great quality & she is very aware of need/comfort. 12/27/11

 Therapist made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She is definitely very attentive to what needed and worked on areas that needed help most. I really liked what she did, she did techniques very well. I would absolutely recommend her to friends and my family members. 12/22/11

 I would recommend Tarja to anyone. Great deep tissue and takes extra care if you need it. 12/22/11

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Tarja to a family member or a friend. I am extremely pleased with my experience. 12/20/11

Yes - I would recommend Tarja to anyone! tarja puts 100% of her knowledge & her energy into the satisfaction of her clients. She did a wonderful job! 12/19/11

 Tarja is very professional and friendly. She has a very good technique! I would recommend her to anyone. I can stand up straight! Yay! 12/19/11

 Tarja was wonderful! Tarja was definitely interested in my well being! She made me feel comfortable - Excellent! - Very respectful. I had a wonderful, relaxing experience. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Tarja! I am very grateful to have had this experience!! 12/9/11

 I would very much like to recommend Tarja. She was very professional and friendly. I would rate he as excellent. She did it all so very very well, and I look forward to coming back and working with her again. 12/6/11


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