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The Paleo Diet Report

Did you know that our genes are still 99.99% identical to those of our Paleolithic ancestors?

Well neither do most people. In a fascinating 15 page report, Nikki Young, author of the Paleo Cookbook series reveals startling facts and compelling evidence in the case for modern-day human dietary reform and documents exactly where society has gone wrong in the kitchen.

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The fact that our genes are still so closely linked with our ancestors surely means our diet should follow suit. Yet our ignorance, or perhaps our ego has gotten the better of us, and as this report reveals we have become our own worst enemy;

“Although their life expectancy was shorter, deaths were often caused by outside factors such as extreme weather conditions, accidents, infections, and predatory animals. They did not suffer from chronic or degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease. These diseases emerged only when we shifted to agriculture ‐ modern diseases are the consequence of civilization, the result of a mismatch of our genetic makeup and our lifestyle.”

These words are sadly all too familiar. In the modern era, ailments and ‘conditions’ have become commonly accepted and at times it seems almost trendy to have a newly diagnosed skin complaint, muscle ache or food intolerance.

The levels of exercise in modern day society are laughable when compared to those of our forefathers who roamed, ran and sprinted up to 12 miles a day – and you were thinking an hour in the gym was hard going.

This astonishing report highlights how the agricultural revolution has ruined the human physique. Our ancestors were taller, stronger and had bigger brains; albeit they may not have used them to the capacity we use ours today.

Even the meat we eat contains 30% more fat than our forefathers organic kill. This is because the animals we consume are not wild animals by any stretch of the imagination. Without choice, animals sit around waiting to be slaughtered with inadequate space to exercise.

Our ancestors unwittingly ate a well balanced diet consisting of 65% meat and 35% gathered food, this would have varied with hunting success and availability, but for the most part they simply depended on nature to dictate the play. Their diet was also naturally varied due to seasonal changes.

Vitamins and minerals were in the purest of abundance through berries, bulbs, seeds, fruits, flowers, melons, nuts, leaves, roots and stalks.

Grains were seldom present and cooked thoroughly if consumed at all, which goes a long way in explaining why wheat intolerance continues to plague society.

Processed foods were also absent from our ancestors diets, and as this report points out, what the human body needs is a high protein low carbohydrate diet and plenty of exercise;

“Our bodies are not genetically equipped to handle processed carbohydrates, let alone an excess of them. Yet, we are often consuming excessive amounts which can result in a weakened immune system, diabetes, obesity and many other chronic illnesses…with the Paleo diet the main source of carbohydrates is fruits and vegetables — the same way it was for our ancestors.”

This excellent report is the definitive guide to Paleo eating and provides factual information on the lifestyle of our ancestors.

This report signals an essential wake-up call for those of us tolerating a less than healthy existence through poor diet.

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